Papaya versions

  • Mini version: Freshly downloaded app Papaya POS from Google Play Store is Mini version by default. Mini is free and you can start using it right away without any registration.
  • Commercial license: If Mini does not suffice your functional business requirements you can subscribe for a one of our paid versions. License is activated directly in Papaya Mini (Settings -> Activation option). Activated app is not a Mini version anymore.
  • Pro/Oberon verzia: Papaya POS can be activated towards the Papaya server (Pro version) or towards the Oberon system server (Oberon version).

Mini version

Mini version is free.

Papaya POS Mini is a full-fledged cash register which communicates with different types of fiscal printers. It provides basic functionality to small venues (cafes, bakeries, seasonal stands, takeaways, etc):

Your can use Papaya Mini immediately after the installation.

Pro version

Pro version is used by a middle-sized and large venues. Besides the funcionality provided by Mini version, Pro version contains following additional functions:

  • functions from Mini +
  • remote venue administration through web interface
  • synchronization of unlimited number of tablets and smart phones
  • warehouse management
  • ticket printing for a kitchen, bar, restaurant terrace, etc.
  • digital ticket printing (saves money for a printer)
  • Wi-Fi network failure protection

Purchase and installation

If you are interested in our Pro version, feel free to contact Papaya support:

  • e-mail:
  • tel: (+421) 905 904 533

Oberon version

This version of Papaya communicates directly with the Oberon system. In this case Papaya works entirely as a Mobile waiter. You are creating orders directly at the table on your tablet/smartphone with running Papaya. Orders are sent directly from Papaya to your Oberon.

Licence purchase and installation

You will find detailed information about the purchase and installation in the section: Mobile waiter for Oberon.

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