• You can install Papaya on any device running Android system.
  • Other operating systems (e.g. iOS or Windows Mobile) are not supported and you can't install Papaya on them.
  • Papaya works immediately after the installation - in Mini version. You can fully use it right away.

Installation directly from Play store app

On Android device:

  • In Play store app, assure yourself whether you are using correct Google accound as active.
  • in Play Store search (using the magnifying glass icon) for the app using following key words: PAPAYA POS
  • Choose to install the application and start it.

Application installed like described above runs in Mini version. You can activate it towards server Papaya Pro or Oberon system.

Installation via Google Play web site

Using a web browser on your PC:

  • Open site Papaya POS at Google Play Store.
  • Log in with your Google account - the same as configured on Android device used for Papaya installation.
  • Search for the application (using the magnifying glass icon) with key words: PAPAYA POS.
  • After the app is found, click on green "Install" button.
  • Under the green button, all devices with the same Google account will be displayed.
  • By step-by-step selecting of all devices, the installation will be executed on all Android devices ( if the are connected to the Internet).
  • In case of installation does not start automatically, you need to restart the device, turn it off/on or verify the Internet connection.

Direct APK file installation

This alternative is used by our service centers.

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